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Messy Ponytail with Side French Braid

Upgrade your messy ponytail with this side french braid. Create this easy braid for long hair in just a few easy steps.




• Mist pillow proof blow dry express primer spray all-over damp hair.



• Apply a palm sized amount of full frame 07 all over your damp hair.
• Work in sections and as you work, apply more as needed.
• To help ease your blow-drying, separate the front from the back. Make a part that extends from ear to ear up through the crown of your head. Secure the front area with a clip.
• Imagine where your finished ponytail. Starting in the back area. Working in 1/2"-1" sections, take a blow-dryer and follow with a paddle brush to smooth the hair, directing it up to where the ponytail will sit. Now in the front area, repeat smoothing the hair back.
HOT TIP: Reapply full frame 07 on dry hair and blow dry again for added volume and definition concentrating on the front and crown.
• Continue this technique until you’ve completed drying your whole head making it as smooth as you can. Set aside your elastics.
• On the right side at the front of your hairline, in line with the arch of your right brow, create a curved section ending at the top of your opposite ear. Isolate this section with a clip.
• Now you’re going smooth your hair into the ponytail. Use your paddle brush and direct the remaining hair to your desired placement for the pony. Secure with an elastic.
• Apply a small amount of braid aid 03 onto the clipped-away piece in the front and create a french braid. Braid back, towards the ponytail.
• Stop your braid when you reach the base of your pony.
• Holding the end of the braid against the base of the ponytail, grab a loose piece of hair from the pony and wrap around the base of the pony. This will tie the braid and pony together.
• To create the illuson of one seamless braid, grab a 2” loose section from the pony, directly under your first braid. Now create your second French braid.
• Spray iron shape 11 all over and using a large curling iron, curl the ends of your pony for an elegant finish!
• Finish with a mist of wind blown 05.


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