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Double Dutch Braids Hair Style

In this how to hair tutorial, beauty vlogger Sarah Nourse shows you how to get double dutch braids in just a few easy steps. Try out a double dutch braid- its a fun hair trend for summer 2016.



Part hair down the middle using a tail comb; tie on side out of the way


Apply Braid Aid 03 to the loose side to prep hair for braiding by adding grip


Take a 1-2 inch section at the top near the part and separate into three sections


Take the outside section and cross it underneath the middle; alternate the process on each side, looping in more hair as you continue down the length of the hair


Stop braiding when you reach the nape of your neck and have gather all hair; secure with an elastic


Repeat all steps on opposite side


Take a small section of hair from each ponytail length and wrap it around the elastic to create a more polished style


Loosen the braid if you would like it to have more thickness.


Apply Beach Envy Wave Aid 03 to the lengths of hair to amplify texture

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