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Summer Hairstyle Tutorial: Fishtail Braid

Looking for the perfect fun hairstyle for long hair? A fishtail braid is a chic hair trend for summer 2016. In this how to hair tutorial, beauty vlogger Sarah Nourse shows you how to get this hot hair trends in just a few easy steps.



Start with a side part, apply Pillow Proof Two Day Extender to absorb oil and give the hair a little grip and texture


Pull hair to one side, opposite the side you had parted on


Take a small section of hair on the thinner side and twist away from face; join it with a small section of hair from the thicker side twisted away from the face; secure with an elastic


Divide the hair into two sections; take a small piece of hair from the back of one side to join the other side


Take a small piece of hair from the back of the opposite side and cross it over the other side


Repeat throughout the length of the hair, secure with an elastic


Apply Powder Grip 03 to the braid and gently pull on the loops to create greater volume


Finish with Triple Take 32

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