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Textured Bun: Emmy Awards 2016 Red Carpet Hair

Want to create the hottest updo seen on Red Carpet at the 2016 Emmy Awards? Beauty Vlogger Dana Gagliotti will help you achieve this easy, textured updo in her how-to hairstyle tutorial video. Take a red-carpet look to real life with Redken Styling!



Section your hair and spray Guts 10 from roots to ends
HOT TIP: Guts 10 can be used on dry hair and activated with a blow dryer to give more volume and texture!


Blow dry with your fingers to achieve a textured undone look


Pull all of your hair up to your crown and pony tail it loosely


Gently slide a few pieces out around your face. Wrap them around an iron for a more polished style!


Take Powder grip 03 and apply to your pony tail and lightly dust the product on the hair that is pulled back.
How to use Powder grip 03:Using your pointer finger, middle finger and thumb. Point the top of the product at a 45 degree angle at the hair, holding about 1-2” away and pump the product with your fingers, gently.


Using your fingers, gently separate the pieces around your face and the ponytail to create an “un-done” look


Now pull on your pony to tighten it.


Starting at the ends of your pony, Twirl it as you start to create your bun. Pin it.

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