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Curvaceous Spiral Curls Hair Style

The ultimate head turning hairstyle, join the curl rebellion, and embrace a head full of bouncy spirals! Transform your spirals with new Curvaceous.




• To cleanse, fully saturate hair, and emulsify Curvaceous No Foam Shampoo between hands. Then apply through the lengths of wet hair, working up towards scalp for an intense conditioning wash. Gently massage, avoiding circular or vigorous motions into a lather (apply a small amount of water if needed to enhance distribution), leave in for 1-3 minutes then rinse. TIP: Use One United to target and help loosen tangles or knots in unruly areas with fingers and/or wide-tooth comb prior to shampooing.

• To quench and detangle thirsty spirals, rub a generous amount of Curvaceous Conditioner leave-in/rinse-out throughout focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Rinse. TIP: Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb in a downward motion to distribute evenly throughout and detangle.



ALWAYS REMEMBER! Begin with a small amount of product and keep layering until desired saturation, definition, shape or structure is achieved.
• To avoid over-drying hair, use a micro-fiber material or jersey t-shirt-like material, “squeeze” and towel-dry, then distribute Curvaceous High-Hold Gel throughout the entire head using the “raking technique” for long-lasting springy hold and definition. Leave in.

• Next, layer Curvaceous Curl Refiner moisturizing & curl-defining cream focusing on the mid-lengths and ends, “twisting” sections with your fingers for targeted moisture and discipline throughout unruly areas. Leave in.



• Use paper towels to blot away excess product.

• For bouncy spirals, continue to use the “twisting technique” throughout the entire head.

• Diffuse or air dry. TIP: Get your curls into the desired shape, then do not disturb.

• To finish, separate spirals into desired shape, and mist CCC Spray care & control humidity resistance for flexible hold and frizz control.

• The next day:
- Layer Curl Refiner targeting dry, unruly areas to refresh thirsty ends.
- Mist CCC Spray to refresh and combat the weather.


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