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Short, Textured Side Braid Hair Style

Short hair, don't care? There's plenty of summer short hairstyles. Keep your hair off your face with this textured side braid. In this how to hair tutorial video, Redken Artist, Veronica Ridge, shows you how to texturize your hair and plump up your side braid for a fun chic look.



Mist on Beach Envy Wave Aid 03 to accentuate natural texture


Define curls with a curling iron if desired


Take an inch wide section at the top of the part and braid it by crossing the outside section into the middle, alternating sides


In the middle of the braid, grab in a small section of hair to help the braid hold in place


Secure the braid with a pin


Finish with Windblown 05 to add an airy, beach vibe


Refresh curls with a curling iron if desired

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