Color Rebel Hair Makeup

Color Rebel Gilty As Charged

Trendy hair makeup and yellow temporary hair color with a sponge applicator.
Introducing makeup for your hair. Color Rebel Hair Makeup offers yellow temporary hair color that won't smudge off on clothes. Comes with a sponge applicator for quick and easy styling.

  • Goes on easy and dries fast
  • Washes out in 2-6 shampoos on average
  • Easy application with a makeup-inspired sponge applicator
  • Available in 10 shades for endless play

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How To Use
  • Shake well and twist the cap in the direction of the arrows until the tip is saturated.

  • Apply Color Rebel to clean or day-after hair. For best results, avoid applying to hair with heavy product buildup and/or oils. Oil helps to remove the product, so excess oil/product buildup can prevent even distribution and optimal color payoff.

  • Gently pull sections taut and apply in a smooth sweeping motion. Start with a light layer—you can always add more to build color intensity.

  • Color Rebel will dry quickly on its own, but for even faster results, you can blow-dry the product into the hair. On longer lengths, blow-drying will help to prevent any transfer onto clothing or skin.
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