12 Travel Beauty Tips Perfect For Your Next Vacation


Travelling during the holidays is stressful enough without having to worry about your beauty routine. With a few easy travel beauty tips, you can keep your hair and makeup looking fresh no matter where life takes you. It’s all about bringing just the right amount of products to get you through your trip.

Don’t know how to choose exactly what beauty products you need to pack and what to leave at home? Here are 12 travel beauty tips that are perfect for your next vacation.

1. Brighten Your Eyes

Don’t let your under-eye bags get the best of your holiday selfies. Soothe tired eyes as you travel with the Garnier Fructis Clearly Brighter Anti-Puff Eye Roller. This portable eye cream is formulated with vitamin C, mint, and caffeine to brighten dark circles and de-puff swollen eyes. Throw it in your carry-on and apply as needed for an instantly wide-awake look.

2. Spray Away

Nothing sucks up moisture quite like the recycled air on planes. After a few hours, your skin can start to look dull and feel dehydrated. Keep your skin feeling plump and refreshed throughout flight by using a hydrating facial mist. Not only can these handy mists keep your skin feeling moisturized, but they can also act as a makeup setting spray. Choose a small travel size bottle or simply add your favorite formula to a small spray bottle for on-the-go use.

3. Pull Double Duty

No one likes a bulky bag while traveling. Pack light by bringing along products that can pull double duty. For instance, pack cream products that can double as a blush and a lip color or bring an eye pencil along to fill in your brows and line your lash line. These multi-tasking products are a must for slimming down your routine when travelling.

4. Bring a Compact

Loose powders have no place in your travel makeup bag. Not only do they come in clunky containers, but they also can leave a cloud of dusty powder in their wake. Instead, bring along pressed powders or blotting sheets. Not only are these products more compact, but they are also way less messy to use on the go.

5. Eliminate Frizz On-The-Go

Don’t weigh down your bag with heavy serums and sprays. Instead, bring frizz fighting sheets with you while you travel eliminate unwanted static and frizzy ends.

6. Ditch Your Liquid Makeup Remover

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your entire skincare routine past security at the airport, which means a few of your favorite products are going to be left behind. One product to keep on your shelf is your liquid eye makeup remover. Those bottles can be so clunky and usually contain more than three ounces of liquid. Save room in your bag by swapping out your liquid makeup remover for cleansing wipes. These handy wipes are exactly what you need to remove stubborn makeup, wipe up spills or even clean your space while you travel.

7. Make It Mini

Don’t want to leave your favorite shampoos and conditioners behind? Bring them along by purchasing travel-size options or decanting your current products into smaller, plastic bottles or containers. Whether it’s your eye cream, facial cleanser or liquid foundation, any of your go-to liquid products can be downsized into small containers for an overall lighter makeup bag.

8. Seal Your Ends

Not only can your skin dry out on planes, but your hair can as well. Keep your ends sealed by using a leave-in split-end treatment to help protect your hair as your fly. The treatment works by moisturizing your ends and strengthening your strands from root-to-tip.

9. Pack Your Makeup Efficiently

Don’t try to cram your entire makeup routine into one quart-sized bag. Instead, divide your products by keeping your creams and liquids in one storage bag and your powder and pencil products in another.

10. Always Pack Your Hair Straightener

When you’re traveling, always pack a hair straightener with you. Not only is it handy at taming your mane, but it also can work as an impromptu clothing iron in a pinch.

11. Make The Most Of Your Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a must when traveling as it has the ability to replace some of your other styling products. Need volume? Turn to dry shampoo. Look for light hold? Yeah, it can do that too.

12. Get A Mani/Pedi

Leave your nail care products at home this holiday season by heading to the nail salon before you travel. Not only is a professional mani/pedi a great way to de-stress before hitting the road, but it’s also a great way to ditch any polishes or removers that you would be bringing in your bag.

Travelling isn’t always easy, but packing your beauty routine should be. With these handy travel beauty tricks, you can bring along all of your essential items without having to sacrifice leaving your favorite beauty products behind.