New & Improved: Redken Asset Library 2.0


Access the Redken Asset Library 2.0 here!

What's new with the Redken Asset Library?

No more Box.com! All of the content you know from Box.com is now on a completely new, easy to navigate platform.

Sign in with RedkenPro.com account: All you need is a RedkenPro.com account to access the new platform. No special login. No special request form to fill out. You can access the new platform immediately.

More customization: Find two new ways to customize. Now you can add your logo and change copy on printable materials yourself or hire a certified creative designer to get unique content for your salon.

Buy hardware for in-salon display: We've added purchasable-hardware that is optimized to match the size of your printed pieces. Now you can display a poster in a sleek lightbox or A-Board for a more polished look.

Same great content + some: We haven't taken anything away, but we have added the product guide, deal sheets, and other business tools.

What is the Redken Asset Library?

The Redken Asset Library brings up-to-date digital and in-salon assets right to you so you can start modernizing your salon experience.  You can choose from free social content, packshot and model images, in-salon printable collateral & more to create the best digital and in-salon experience possible. We’ll guide you through the steps to access the materials you need to download or print, and advise on how to best use and share each item.

Access the Content Terms of Use here.
How to Gain Access to the Redken Asset Library 2.0

Access Redken Asset Library 2.0 with just a RedkenPro.com account!


How to Use the Redken Asset Library:
Navigate, Download, Share & Print

Learn how to use the Redken Asset Library 2.0 and recommended print sizes.

How To Use Redken Assets

Learn how to use the Redken materials available for download from the Redken Asset Library both digitally and in your salon.