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What is Redken Digital TV Bring Redken into your salon like never before. Utilize Redken Digital TV to share engaging Redken digital content such as videos and images of services, retail products, the latest trends, and more on a digital screen strategically placed in your salon. With Redken Digital TV, you'll always have the most up-to-date content streaming into your salon to get your clients excited about your haircolor services and retail products. And the best part—Redken streams updated content for you monthly!

Why does my salon need digital signage? Digital screens allow you to begin engaging your client with your products and services from the very first touch point. You can position your screens to catch client's eyes when they are at the point of sale, while they are waiting for a service, while their haircolor is processing, while they are passing by your salon, or any other place in their salon experience you choose. Overall you will increase your salon's visibility, create an engaging environment, drive new business, increase repeat visits, and digitize and modernize the salon experience.