Hairdressers United



Redken is committed to building an inclusive community, powered by love.

As we continue to evolve our Hairdressers United initiative, we’re excited to share some updates! This year we’ve partnered with the It Gets Better Project, Redken artists, and experts in the field to develop an industry-specific training with a goal of making hair salons a safe space for LGBTQ+ clients. Redken’s Safe Space virtual course is available for free on demand via L’Oreal Access.

Hairdressers have the power not only to transform hair, but also to transform how people feel about themselves and empower them on their journey to self-expression. At Redken, we believe that everyone should feel safe in a hairdresser's chair as their authentic selves, free to show up as they are, express themselves fully, and showcase their uniqueness through their own interpretation of beauty.

A 2021 survey from The Trevor Project revealed that having at least one accepting adult can reduce the risk of suicide attempt for young LGBTQ+ people by 40 percent. That one accepting adult in someone’s life could be a Safe Space Educated hairdresser.

Hairdressers United


Since its inception in 1960, Redken has focused its efforts on educating and empowering hairdressers to be the best in the industry by equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in their career. Now, we're taking our hairdresser education to a new level by offering a free LGBTQ+ Safe Space course.

Redken’s Safe Space course consists of six five-minute video modules, in which experts teach about:

- LGBTQ+ fundamentals
- Physical safe space
- Building trust with LGBTQ+ clients
- Intersectionality of race & LGBTQ+ identities
- Gender-free pricing
- Client consultations.

Upon completing the course and a final quiz, hairdressers receive “Safe Space Educated” certification and a sticker for their mirror or window.

We hope that seeing the Safe Space stickers on salon windows and mirrors will help LGBTQ+ people navigate their way into spaces that are inclusive and empowering.

Hairdressers United


By spreading our message of inclusion, promoting LGBTQ+ education for salons, and amplifying the hairdressers’ and clients’ personal stories, we will be one step closer in being United in Creating a Safe Space.

For hairdressers and salons:

-Take 30 minutes of your day to complete the training  and become Safe Space Educated here
-Share with us how you are creating a Safe Space for your clients and how you’ve been touched by their transformations #RedkenHairdressersUnited #ItGetsBetter

For clients and consumers:

- Show your solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community and sign the It Gets Better Pledge.
- Share with us how a Safe Space salon or hairdresser has empowered you as an LGBTQ+ person #RedkenHairdressersUnited #ItGetsBetter