Diamond Oil

Diamond Oil Deep Facets Intensive Treatment Mask

Oil-infused deep conditioning treatment mask for dull/damaged hair that provides intensive nourishment and provides a protective layer of oils to help prevent damage.

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Diamond Oil Diamond Oil Deep Facets Intensive Treatment Mask


This deep conditioning hair oil treatment mask nourishes, strengthens and replenishes hair to prevent damage and breakage while boosting hair's natural shine.

  • Offers intensive nourishment, strength and replenishment
  • Provides a protective layer of hair oils to help prevent damage
  • Restores smoothness with an amazing diamond shine

How To Use

  • After using Diamond Oil Shampoo, apply to towel-dried hair. Leave on 5-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Use daily or weekly.
  • For intensified shine, add a few drops of Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine hair oil into the mask.



Shine Strong Complex

Contains a silicone-free blend of coriander, camelina, and apricots to strengthen from the inside out.

Coriander oil

This hair oil seals, coats and smoothes the hair cuticle to boost shine.

Camelina oil

This hair oil seals and penetrates the peripheral layer just under the cuticle of hair to fill in gaps and soften for reinforced shine.

Apricot oil

This hair oil penetrates hair uniformly through multi-layers and into the core for overall conditioning and shine from the inside out.

All ingredients

Coriander oil, Camelina oil, Apricot oil


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