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The Redken Guide To Blonde Haircare

April 05, 2021
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Maintaining the tone and health of blonde hair requires the right combination of products. Whether you're dealing with damage from bleach or trying to keep brassy hair at bay, blonde hair has very unique and specific needs. Redken has a specific regimen to help tone, nourish and brighten blonde hair. Read on to discover the products you need to keep your blonde or highlighted hair healthy-looking and beautiful.

Address Damage on Blonde Hair


Hair damage is always one of the biggest concerns when it comes to making a hair color change. Bleaching and highlighting hair color services, excessive overuse of heat tools, even environmental factors like sun exposure can affect your hair color and cause hair to become weakened. 

There’s no better feeling than stepping out of the salon with a fresh cut and color. Give yourself that fresh-from-the-salon shine and luxurious feel from home with Acidic Bonding Concentrate. This color protecting, super conditioning haircare system helps transform your hair and repair damage post-salon service. It’s Redken's most powerful haircare yet!

Repair Hair Damage From Bleach


Redken's Extreme Bleach Recovery line was specifically formulated for blondes dealing with dry & damaged strands following lightening and highlighting salon services. The must-have hair treatment from this line is the transformative Lamellar Water. The hair-hero ingredient in this treatment is Cica which offers soothing benefits to the hair. Think of this rinse-out treatment as a ‘liquid band-aid’ that works to transform and restore damaged, bleached hair in just 10 seconds. It gives your hair the extra TLC it craves, strengthening the hair from within and replenishing moisture.

Keeping Your Blonde Hair Toned: Removing Unwanted Brassy, Yellow Tones


As time passes after your salon appointment, your blonde tone may fade or slowly change from shampooing and other factors such as sun exposure. You may notice brassy, red or yellow tones begin to appear in your blonde hair. Every blonde deals with brassy hair at some point. Thankfully, Redken's pigmented haircare system for blondes, Color Extend Blondage will be your secret weapon to combat all things brass. The purple pigment formula cancels out yellow and brassy tones to give you  bright, brass-free blonde. You can use this haircare system prior to the sight of brass to help maintain your blonde tone or you can use it at the first sight of any unwanted yellow or orange tones to eliminate it.

Extend Your Blonde Hair Color


Now that you have the in-shower hair products squared away to optimize your blonde haircare regimen, we’ll let you in on an easy hair hack. Washing your hair is inevitable and plays a factor in the eventual and gradual fade of your blonde hair color. A quick and easy tip is to integrate a great dry shampoo like Deep Clean Dry Shampoo to refresh your hair and absorb oil, so you can go that extra day without a wash. Less hair washes makes for a longer lasting blonde hair color!

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