13 Mermaid Haircolors That You Have To See To Believe


If you’ve been browsing Instagram lately, chances are that you’ve seen mermaid hair emerge. The fantasy hair trend took off with beautiful variations on the look just in time for summer. While it may seem bold, it’s possible to pull off by asking your colorist for a vivid blend using a semi-permanent line like City Beats.

One of the best things about the look is how you can adapt it to fit your style and make it your own by incorporating techniques like balayage and ombré. Think you’re ready to take the plunge? If you’re seeking inspiration for your next haircolor appointment, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite takes on mermaid hair.

1. Minty Mermaid Haircolor

Mermaid hair is the perfect opportunity to rock a mix of green and blue hues, and this minty spin on the look is no different. Effortless flowy waves help the vivid shades shine. To recreate this low-key style, use an air-styling cream. It can give you touchably soft mermaid-worthy waves without the crunch and make it look like you just walked off the beach.

2. Shadow Roots Mermaid Hair

If you’re a fan of a look that gives you a little wiggle-room for root regrowth, mermaid shadow roots is right up your alley. Low-maintenance and stylish, it’s an ideal technique to hold you over between appointments (no judgement). To add a silky finish when using a flat iron, reach for a glistening hair mist.

3. Pastel Mermaid Haircolor

Photo Credit : @jenthehairmagician

Have a base haircolor that errs on the lighter side? Pastel mermaid hair is an option worth exploring. The fun twist on the mermaid look requires lifting, but it’s worth it to score beautifully icy locks. Keep pastel tresses in mint condition with a multi-benefit leave-in conditioner to fend off any tangles and nourish hair.

4. Smokey Mermaid Hair

Go for deep sapphire and silver tones for smoked out hair that’s edgy. The look is anything but average and a unique spin on traditional mermaid hair. Create piece-y texture at the ends by applying a pliable styling paste to mold and define the hair.

5. Mermaid Hair Highlights

Adding blue and green highlights in a variety of shades makes it possible to liven things up and take this look to the next level. Extend the life of pigmented highlights by adding Color Extend Magentics Mega Mask to your hair routine.

6. Emerald Mermaid Haircolor

Photo Credit : @michael_bynes

We’re feeling the crisp emerald waves in this look that reflect light beautifully. Azure lowlights peek out and create depth in this style that’s sure to catch the eyes of admirers. To leave hair with the volume and texture it needs for bouncy mermaid waves, apply High Rise Volume Duo to damp hair prior to styling. Your hair will thank you for the boost that prevents it from going flat throughout a busy day.

7. Copper Mermaid Haircolor

If a daring look is more of your thing, copper hair is the way to go. This variation on mermaid hair uses warm golden undertones at the roots and transitions into a cool green at the shaft. To avoid fading, use a shampoo like Color Extend Magnetics. The sulfate-free formula can help preserve haircolor color.

8. Mermaid Hair Ombre

This ombré is giving us life thanks to a stunning blend of dark brown and vibrant turquoise. The gorgeous contrast is simple but makes a huge statement and is key in channeling mermaid vibes. To ward off frizz and leave hair looking as sleek as possible, apply a smoothing lotion prior to heat styling.

9. Violet Mermaid Hair

For a match made in heaven, ask your stylist to pair violet hues alongside indigo and deep turquoise. The dreamy look created by Redken Artist Sean Godard is a great alternative to a traditional mermaid look if you want something with exclusively cool tones. For a windswept effect, after blow drying mist hair with Wind Blown Dry Finishing Spray to get light and airy texture.

10. Lime Green Mermaid Haircolor

This color is fit for a true sea-dwelling goddess. The lime green and blue tinged hues make it look like you just stepped out of the ocean. When it comes to styling, a spritz of Beach Envy Wave Aid on damp hair can help create loose and textured waves.

11. Mermaid Hair with Space Buns

Mermaids come in many forms and don’t always have to wear their hair down. These double space buns and blunt bangs are a fun way to showcase your magical haircolor. Keep the mermaid-approved look in place using Control Addict Hairspray for maximum staying power.

12. Oil Slick Mermaid Hair

Make your way to the dark side with this oil slick variation. The vibrant inky tones are a must for brunettes who want to try out the mermaid style but avoid an extensive lifting process. Nail the look of the glossy waves found in this look by taming hair with an anti-frizz polishing milk.

13. Cerulean Mermaid Haircolor

Slay the mermaid scene with this stunning twist. Accent the cerulean balayage found in this look by securing a section of hair into a reverse Dutch braid. Use a braid defining lotion on your fingertips to add grip and help with lasting hold.

Want to make the switch to a trendy fantasy haircolor? Hit up your local Redken colorist to book your appointment and make your mermaid hair goals a reality.