5 Popular Haircolor Myths Debunked by Redken Artist Sean Godard


Coloring your hair shouldn’t be a scary thing. Whether you want to hide a few greys or go bold with a new vibrant haircolor, the process of dying your hair isn’t actually that alarming. Think of haircolor like makeup. For instance, like your go-to foundation, haircolor has the power to hide imperfections (read: greys, brassiness, and dull tones) and create a flawless base. Also, like your favorite eyeshadows and highlighters, haircolor can transform your look and illuminate your complexion. It’s a pretty cool thing.

However, the transformative process of haircolor often gets lost behind claims of damage and breakage. With all of these unchecked assumptions out there, it’s no wonder that some are a little weary of how haircolor can affect their strands. To help clear up the confusion, Global Redken Artist, Sean Godard weighed in on some of the web’s most popular haircolor theories to set the record straight.

Hair Myth #1: "Coloring Your Hair Will Leave Your Strands Dry And Brittle"

Sean Godard: Fiction! Colored hair has more shine and condition compared to uncolored strands. This is especially true if a client has had a Shades EQ Gloss service. Generally, the only color that will make your hair feel dry and brittle is when using a lightener to strip the color.

Hair Myth #2: "Constant Haircoloring Strips Away Shine"

Godard: Fiction. Constantly coloring hair the same shade over time leaves the hair shiny and reflective. This is why Shades EQ is our best friend.

Hair Myth #3: "Color Protecting Shampoos Don't Really Do Anything"

Godard: Fiction. Do a swatch test using color-protective versus non-color protective shampoos and the results will be apparent. The UV filters and ceramides [in the shampoo’s formula] are crucial for color protection.

Hair Myth #4: "Haircolor Adheres Better To Freshly Washed Hair"

Godard: Fact!!! Let’s kill the myth that dirty hair is better. Fresh hair will color better with more even results, better gray coverage and increased longevity. "Dirty" hair is only good if you are going to be doing a global lightening with lightener. The natural oils will help protect the scalp from being agitated from the lightener.

Hair Myth #5: "If You Wash Your Hair Within 24 Hours Of Coloring, The Haircolor Will Fade Drastically"

Godard: Fiction! Once the color reaches its maximum processing time, the chemical process stops, and yes with continued shampooing it will eventually fade, but there will be no difference between waiting three hours or waiting 24 hours.

See? The truth behind professional haircolor isn’t so scary after all.