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Blonde Hair

Haircolor inspiration & Haircare Tips tailored to the unique needs of blonde hair

Calling all blondes. Whether you are going blonde, preserving blonde hair, or embracing the blonde you were given, find the tips and tricks you need to find your best blonde look and keep your hair healthier (and blonder).

What to Know Before Lightening Hair to Blonde

Most blonde haircolor services are going to call for some type of lightening to the hair, which means you'll need to give added attention to preserving the health of you hair. When lightening hair, it's important to keep the following in mind:

1. Protect the bonds in your hair from the beginning

Your colorist can take steps to preserve the integrity of your hair through your whole service and the lightening step is no exception. Ask you colorist to include a bond protector like Redken's pH-Bonder.

2. Hair is at its most vulnerable the first 2 weeks after a lightening service

It's a little known fact that bonds in the hair are fragile and most susceptible to breakage and damage the first two weeks after lightening, bleaching, or any color application. Redken's Color Extend Bonder is there to help protect color-treated hair during the critical first two weeks after a color or blonding service.

3. Post-service haircare is vital to staying vibrant

Haircare for blonde and lightened hair doesn't stop after week 2. A couple of times per week, use a purple shampoo like Redken Blondage for a toning and strengthening system that will help keep your blonde brighter and healthier. You can also incorporate a vinegar rinse into your haircare routine. Color Extend Vinegar Rinse will rebalance your hair's pH while gently clarifying for enhanced smoothness and shine.

Discover other information you need to know about going blonde and preparing to lighten your hair.

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WHY Blondes Should Never Leave the Salon without a Toning Service

If you're going blonde or refreshing your current blonde, your colorist is probably lightening your hair in some way. Every lightening service should be paired with a toner. Learn what a toner is and why you need one >

Preventing Brass with the right (Purple) Shampoo for Blonde Hair

Discover a blonde's best friend: purple shampoo >

Inspiration for your next blonde look

Find the blonde shade that speaks to you. Take the inspiration into your local salon to talk through your wants with your colorist.

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Honey Blonde Ashy Hair

Honey blonde highlights with an ashy hue are a great play on the classic honey blonde hair.

Ashy Blonde Hair with Shades EQ

Ashy Blonde Hair

Looking to transition from a warm to a cooler, ashy blonde? This Golden Ice Ashy Blonde haircolor is a great way to transition.

How To Go Blonde

Platinum Blond Haircolor

Achieving platinum blonde when you start with a brunette base can be a real commitment but the results are worth it. See this haircolor transformation from brunette to platinum blonde.

Best Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage

This isn't one specific look, but it's definitely a technique to be well versed in. A Balayage is a way to either dip your toes into blonde or add blonder pieces to an already blonde base. Explore blonde balayages such as the Honey Glazed Dark Blonde Balayage, Cool Blonde Balayage, Sunkissed Golden Blonde Balayage, and Cool Ashy Blonde Balayage for inspiration.


The Low-Maintenance Blonde

If you're looking for a lower maintenance blonde look, we've go the trend for you! A dark root that allows you to embrace your natural haircolor on top and blend into lighter ends is a great way to allow hair to grow out nicely and without any harsh lines. The look can be a sublet ombre or a more obvious contrast between dark and light. For inspiration, explore these dark root, blonde hair looks >