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Red Hair


Whether you're already a redhead or thinking about a new red shade, find what you need to know about red hair and get inspired by some of our favorite red hair trends.

What to Know before Coloring your hair red

Becoming a redhead is like no other hair transformation. Before you embrace those copper, burgundy, or crimson hues, make sure you know what to expect from your red haircolor service.

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It Might Take Two Visits (And Some In Between) To Achieve Your Desired Shade

It's always best to know what you're in for before you visit the salon for a haircolor service. It's important to know that just like it might take a few services to get a platinum blonde to their desired level of blonde, your colorist may need a few times with your hair to achieve the perfect shade of red you’re looking for. Each additional visit will help improve vibrancy and get you to your desired color. In order to keep your hair its most vibrant, you may need to swing in to the salon in between appointments for protein treatments. This is something you can talk to your colorist about to see what is best for you. You can also use Extreme Anti-Snap leave-in treatment at home to keep your hair and color strong.


Thinking of going red? Watch this video on transforming from blonde to a redhead >

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Adding Red To Blonde Is Different Than Adding To Brunette

If you’re looking for blonde red hair or more of a strawberry blonde look, or if you have previously lightened or highlighted hair, your process will be different than someone who has a brunette, or even gray, base. If your hair is naturally blonde and has never been colored, the red can be deposited directly. Colorists can take a few different approaches when applying red to brunette color. For instance, they can apply color directly to the hair or they can use the Color Gels Lacquers line to tone the hair before upping the intensity of the red meanwhile. For grey coverage, colorists can’t add red right to the roots.

Red Haircolor Doesn’t Take Longer To Process

Good news is that each visit doesn't have to be longer than normal. Despite it having more pigment than other colors, adding red color to your hair won’t require more time in the chair. It processes in about 20 minutes. And might take up to 45 minutes if your colorist is using other coloring techniques as well. In short- red hair is no less accessible than other colors!

Discover the a red haircolor that inspires your next look

There are so many ways to incorporate red into your haircolor. Discover some inspirations and trends!

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Strawberry Red Balayage

If you want to try red hair but don't want to fully commit to the color up to your root, ask your stylist to create strawberry blonde balayage! Find your Strawberry Balayage inspiration here >

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Glossy Burgundy Red Hair

Burgundy haircolor is a perfect take on a deep red tone. It's a flattering color that looks good all year round, even if fall and winter is the most popular time for the look. Find the makeup tips to complete the look>

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Cherry Red Hair

Cherry red is the vibrant, bright red that comes to mind when you think of that classic red color-treated hair look. Get inspired by this Cherry Red look >


Strawberry Blonde Haircolor

Strawberry blonde is the perfect way to add some natural red without jumping right into being a full-blown redhead. The looks is subtle, but adds a unique variation to blonde or red hair. Get inspired by this Strawberry Blonde look >

Rose gold hair is the haircolor taking over Instagram for fall 2017.

Rose Gold Haircolor

While not a traditional red haircolor, Rose Gold Hair is a hot trend that combines some rose hues to any existing base. You can lighten hair to get a more saturated color or add a gloss for some subtle hues. Find the Rose Gold Haircolor that is right for you >