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POWER UP YOUR SHINE: How to Finally Get Glossy, Glass Hair at Home

Dull Hair Days are Done! Ignite Your Inner Shine with New! At-home Glossing Treatment.
31 Oct 2023

Introducing Redken's revolutionary Acidic Color Gloss Activated Glass Gloss Treatment: Our newest solution to long-lasting color and unparalleled shine. Whether you dream of gorgeous glass hair or are looking to extend color vibrancy between appointments, this salon-grade at-home glossing treatment will transform your hair.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a hair gloss treatment is, this professional salon service is a low commitment, gentle form of haircolor that provides high shine and a subtle wash of color while improving the overall look and feel of hair.

As the #1 professional hair color brand, we’ve leveraged our technological expertise from stylists’ favorite, Shades EQ Gloss, to create our 1st at-home salon-inspired glossing treatment for professional-grade shine that lasts 3 days.*

Like a Shades EQ service, our new Activated Glass Gloss Treatment does more than just boost shine.

This treatment also features an acidic pH balanced formula to balance your hair’s pH and seal the cuticle, lock in shine and prolong color vibrancy.

To help boost shine, the formula includes an apricot oil care complex that is ultra-conditioning and hydrating, leaving your strands with intense, molecular-level shine for +76% shinier hair.*

No matter your hair type or color, the Activated Glass Gloss Treatment is the perfect addition to your haircare routine. From extending the life of your professional color service to enhancing your natural shine, this weekly rinse-out treatment is a gamechanger.

Redken Global Ambassador and Celebrity Stylist Tracey Cunningham is already an advocate for the Activated Glass Gloss Treatment and started to use it regularly on her clients, including beauty and fashion TikTok sensation, Brittany Xavier.

Tracey recommends clients to use Activated Glass Gloss Treatment: “I can’t wait to recommend the ACG Glass Gloss Treatment to all of my clients, so they can maintain their Shades EQ shine at-home, in between appointments. This is the first time that we’re seeing color care for Glosses and Toners that actually adds intense shine the way Shades EQ does in the salon.” Brittany Xavier loves the treatment because it is a convenient way to shine at home: “Tracey Cunningham sent me home with Acidic Color Gloss so I can keep my hair looking salon-fresh. As a beauty-obsessed creator and full-time mom, I love being able to shine at any time!”

Say goodbye to dull hair days and grab the new Redken’s Acidic Color Gloss Activated Glass Gloss Treatment for glass-like shine for 3 days*!

* Based on consumer test, Acidic Color Gloss Glass Gloss Treatment