Easy Festival Hairstyles To Try This Season

Festival  Hair 2019 THUMB

Festival season is in full swing and with that comes some major hair inspiration! If you're heading to a music festival this season, Redken has got you covered with easy festival-perfect hairstyles that are sure to get you noticed! 

From festival favorites like space buns, loose waves, pastel haircolor and other bohemian hairstyles check out some of our favorite looks below:


Chain Braids

This breezy chain braid mixes bohemian cool with high-shine metallic accents. To get the look, Redken Artist Casondra Rolph used Redken's Dry Texture collection. To create this look for your upcoming festival, begin by dispensing a dime-size amount of Redken Dry Shampoo Paste 05rubbing the product between your palms before distributing it evenly throughout the hair. This dry shampoo and styling paste hybrid provides reworkable hold with the freshness of a dry shampoo. It also absorbs oil for the perfect, undone look.

Next, section off two 1-inch pieces of hair about two inches back from your hairline on either side.Take one of the sections and tie a metallic thread to the base using a hair elastic.

Using the metallic string as one of your strands, begin to create a traditional three-strand braid. Take the section farthest to the right and cross it over the middle section. Then, take the section farthest to the left and cross it over the middle. Continue repeating these steps until you reach the end of your hair. 

To create fullness and volume in your braid, gently pull apart each section with your thumb and pointer finger. Finish your look with a mist of Triple Dry 15


Whimsical Dutch Braid

Festival Braids

If you prefer softer, more romantic styles, you'll love this beautiful dutch braid for festival season!

Begin by blow drying hair with an extra large round brush. Spray hair with Hot Sets 22 for heat protection and curl hair using a 1 ¼ inch curling iron. When you’re finished curling, spray with Triple Dry 15 for airy texture.

Next, create a part down center back and begin braiding a section on each side using a dutch braiding technique. Secure your braids with elastic. Finish by pinching and pulling pieces of the braids for added fullness.

Space Buns

Space Buns

And of course, festival season wouldn't be complete without space buns! For this look, begin by creating a middle part, taking a 2-inch section of hair on the right side of your part. Take the section and begin crafting a French braid. Secure with an elastic once the braid reaches the crown of your head.

Repeat the same steps on the left side of your head, creating a French braid and securing the braid at the crown of your head with a small elastic.

Once your braids are secure, pinch and pull pieces of each braid to create a textured, voluminous effect.

Next, take the loose hair hanging from each braid’s elastic and spray it with Redken’s Triple Dry 15  Dry Texture Finishing Spray.

Twist each braid to form a loose bun and secure the knot to your head with two bobby pins.

After you secure both buns, pancake them for additional volume and set you’re your style with Redken’s Triple Take 32  Extreme High Hold Hairspray.

For a festival-worthy finish, embellish your buns with a few crystal bobby pins!


Wavy Sparkling Braids

Wavy Sparkling Braids

Created by Redken Stylist Spencer Henry, these gorgeous waved braids featured on blogger Mykie are a great style option if you're looking for a bohemian chic look to flaunt on festival weekend. To get this look, spray Iron Shape 11 to prep and protect the hair from heat. Next, add soft waves with a 1-inch curling iron.

Finish the look with Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo to add texture before creating a series of braids on one side, adding glitter to accent the look.

And of course, lock in your style with Triple Take 32.