New Hue, New You: From Blah to Babe (Episode 4)


In episode four of “New Hue, New You,” —a YouTube video series that revolves around Redken Artists providing makeovers to lucky Redken clients to build confidence and positively change their lives—we meet Emily. As an outgoing journalist, Emily is excited to match her hair to her vibrant personality with a haircolor and style transformation.

You just landed your dream job. You’re moving to a new city. You just started dating someone very special. When a big change is happening in your life, a makeover can help you feel more confident about handling what lies ahead. Because when you look good, you can’t help but feel good—and there’s nothing like a trendy haircut, or a new bold fantasy haircolor to make you feel like a better version of yourself. That’s where Redken comes in!



Name: Emily
Age: 25
City: Long Island
Occupation: Writer for a teen magazine
Hair Challenge: After being scarred by a harrowing haircut experience, Emily is ready to take the plunge with a bold, blonde haircolor.  

“Every time I look in the mirror, I see this ‘blah’ persona and that’s not who I am at all! I am ready to start fresh. I would love for my outer self to match my inner self.”

The goal: rid Emily of her Plain Jane haircolor and help her face the world with confidence.“I'm ready to leave the old Emily in the past. The new Emily doesn't take 'no' for an answer! She just goes for it." 


Ready to take the leap, Emily teams up with Redken Artist Lauren Hagan who knows just what to do to match Emily’s haircolor with her killer personality.

Lauren uses Redken’s Blonde Idol High Lift shades to add honey blonde warmth to Emily’s brown haircolor

The result? Emily goes from “blah” to babe! During the big reveal, Emily can barely believe her gorgeous honey blonde transformation.


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Coloring your hair for the first time is a big step, which is why it’s always best to put yourself in the hands of a salon professional. As Lauren mentions in the video, only a salon pro can give you the look that will best suit your lifestyle, features, and personality.


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