Rose Gold: Chloe Norgaard's City Beats Haircolor + Makeup Challenge


Rose Gold Haircolor



To start, Godard pre-lightened and highlighted Chloe’s hair to create a lighter base to work with. As her hair was previously darker, this step was necessary for bringing out the softer pastel tones that he was planning on using.

Once the hair was lightened, Godard used a mixture of bold color tones to create the dimensional look. The stylist reached for Redken’s semi-permanent haircolor line, City Beats in the shades Chelsea Coral, City Ballet Pink and East Village Violet to create this unique color. By applying the mixture of shades throughout her entire hair, Godard was able to create the illusion of color panels that seamlessly blend into a more dimensional-looking color.


Love is in the air, Redken Tribe and we’re choosing to see the world through rose gold-colored glasses. With this dreamy new outlook, Redken Artist Sean Godard along with makeup artist Sarah Mae for NYX Cosmetics decided to transform Chloe Norgaard’s dark, grunge-inspired look from last month to something softer and more romantic. As part of Chloe’s ongoing haircolor journey with Redken, Godard opted for a rose gold haircolor, while Mae decided to accentuate the model’s natural beauty with more rose gold and champagne tones.

Natural makeup paired with soft pastel tones? Sign us up! If you’re just as obsessed with this rosy look as we are, here is exactly how you (and your hairstylist) can recreate this trendsetting beauty look.



To create Chloe’s natural makeup look, her makeup artist was inspired to “paint her in gold.” To follow that aesthetic, she decided to give the model a flawless looking base paired with a gold lid and sparkling pink lips. Here’s how to get Chloe Norgaard’s gleamingly gold makeup.

1. Start off the look by prepping your skin with the NYX Shine Killer to reduce any oiliness, NYX Pore Filler to cover any open pores, and NYX Studio Perfect Face Primer on the entire face for a smooth base.
2. Next, conceal any redness or dark circles by using the NYX’s Color Correcting Palette to disguise any imperfections that you don’t feel like flaunting.
3. Fake your way to perfected brows like Chloe’s by using the NYX Micro Brow Pencil (Chloe’s wearing the shade Ash Brown) and topped with the NYX Eyebrow Shaper to set the hairs in place.
4. For foundation, Mae decided to keep Chloe’s face matte and flawless using NYX Stay Matte Not Flat Foundation. From there, the artist concealed with the NYX HD Photogenic Concealer under her eyes to lighten and brighten the under-eye area.
5. To intensify the angles in Chloe’s face, Mae contoured underneath her cheekbones and along her temples using the NYX Contour Palette.
6. To further define Chloe’s features and to give the model a more ethereal glow, Mae used the NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam to highlight along her cheekbones, Cupid’s Bow, brow bone, and bridge of her nose.
7. For the eye look, Mae used a mixture of colors from the NYX Dream Catcher Palette and added NYX Color Mascara in Brown for the top and bottom lashes.
8. To finish off this golden makeup look, Mae used the NYX Round Lipstick in Harmonica to add a champagne pink tint to the lips.

Thinking about trying out the look? Tag @Redken in your next hair and makeup transformation and use the hashtag #RedkenColor and #CityBeats to show us your look!