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A Look Inside: Maricarla Boscono's Top 5 Hair Tips For Runway-Ready Hair

When it comes to classic Italian style, there is no one quite like Redken Muse and supermodel Mariacarla Boscono. This Italian sensation appeared in some of the most influential fashion campaigns and is a regular icon during Fashion Week. Whether she is strutting down the Dolce & Gabbana runway in Paris or being featured on the cover of Vogue, Mariacarla has absolutely earned the title of supermodel.

As a model and mother who is always on the go, this style star never seems to have a hair out of place. We had to learn her secret. Here is a look inside Mariacarla Boscono’s beauty routine and her top tips for runway ready hair.

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Hair Looks?

I love to change my hair. I’ve been bleached blonde, had a pixie cut, a bob, bangs…I’ve had everything! A long time ago I shaved my entire head. There really isn’t anything I haven’t done! Bleaching my eyebrows or cutting my hair isn't a drama for me. I think that's why I have such longevity because I really enjoy it!

I think it’s beautiful to change and I’ve been so lucky to have Guido guiding me through all the changes. He’s a true artist. It’s very inspiring to be around him and to work with him and the amazing team at Redken."

Who Is Your Biggest Style Influence?

My mom. She’s a stylish, cool woman. She puts hot rollers in every morning, even if she’s staying at home to work in her garden. She always has red nail polish and fancy glasses and a proper, very standout type of fashion. And also personality!

Whats Your Favorite Hairstyle?

A braid on the side. It’s quick, looks cool and my daughter like likes it. She’s obsessed with touching my hair! I can’t just do it in a ponytail, she would go mad. But she likes the ‘treccia’… that’s how we say braids in Italian

How Often Do You Get Your Hair Cut?

Not too often. I get a little trim mainly on shoots or backstage. It is quite long now and I like it this length

What Are A Few Of Your Favorite Beauty Tips?

Tip #1: Use A Good Shampoo & Conditioner

When you work so much and do so many fashion shows, you need to have a good shampoo and a good after-shampoo mask. I personally use the All Soft line from Redken and it's brilliant. I look like I have new hair!”

Tip #2: Always Brush Your Hair

I like it to be natural and easy. I need it to be quick as I am a mother and don’t have a lot of time as well. In Italy, I grew up with a saying: It doesn’t matter what you wear, or where you go, but your hair always has to be brushed. So in Italy, we come from that kind of culture—where how you present yourself is important.

Tip #3: Create Texture On Your Own Terms

I wash my hair every day. That is the biggest for me is always clean hair. No matter where I am. I don’t usually style it because for my job I always have something in it or it is styled. But when I do I prefer an easy texture spray, like the Dry Texture Spray. It gives a little texture and light movement. Very easy and natural which I like.

Tip #4: Use A Heat Protectant

I always have a heat protectant spray with me, especially for the shows. My hair goes through so much from shooting and fashion week I try not to blow-dry too often. If it does I always use a heat protectant and Max Hold Hairspray.

Tip #5: Reach For Hair-Softening Products

I use Redken All Soft shampoo and conditioner always. I use the mask once a week. I love the spray, the soft supple touch spray. I use it daily and leaves my hair feeling so soft and smooth.


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