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Who says you need a crown in order to be the queen? Channel your inner royalty by creating an easy romantic updo. Whether you’re heading to a wedding or want all eyes on you at prom, this hairstyle works for any special occasion. It only takes a few minutes, a high-hold hairspray and a straightening iron to recreate this easy updo. Want to get the look? Here’s how Redken Artist Cindy Duplantis creates it in only seven steps.

1. Brush Back Your Hair

Start by giving your style the perfect base. Grab your hairbrush, spritz the bristles with a high-hold hairspray and comb your hair back so that your natural part disappears. This quick step lays the foundation for your hairstyle, while also sweeping back any flyways or frizz at your crown. From there, sweep your ends back off your shoulders, so your hair lies flat against your back.

Want more volume at your crown? Plump your strands even further by gently backcombing your roots for extra lift. Be sure to coat the teased hair with a quick spritz of hairspray to lock in the volume.

2. Create A Braid

Next, bring two small sections of hair—one on either side of your head—forward and braid each section. Once the hair is braided, secure with an elastic and begin to gently pull on the outer sections of each braid to create a thicker looking plait. Not only does this give you the appearance of having more hair, but it also gives the style a more textured, undone look. After you styled your braids, spray with hairspray to seal in the texture.

3. Crimp, Crimp, Crimp

Remove the elastic and spray the ends with more hairspray, so your braids don’t come undone. From there, glide your straightening iron down the braid using a crimping motion. This will help to seal the braid even further preventing any slips or unraveling. Repeat this braiding and crimping method on the other side of your hair to create a symmetrical look.

4. Fake A Crown Braid

Once both braids are done, drape them across the top section of your hair to create a DIY braided headband. Grab a few bobby pins to secure.

5. Quick Tease

Next, gather your ends and gently backcomb the mid-sections to give your updo added texture and volume. To guarantee that your teased sections don’t fall flat throughout the day, simply spray the backcombed hair with hairspray for additional hold.

6. Roll It Up

After the hair has been teased, gather your ends into a low ponytail and slowly roll hair upward to create the base for your updo. Bobby pin everything into place to help secure the style.

7. Tuck & Roll

When your updo is secured, roll and tuck the sides of your hair into the base. Use your fingers to roll the sides up and over into the rest of the style. Inserting a few bobby pins and misting all over with your hairspray will keep everything in place.

Planning on recreating this gorgeous hairstyle? Be sure to tag @Redken5thAve to show us your finished look.


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