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If the heat and humidity that comes with summer leaves you wondering what to do with your hair, you’re not alone. It can be hard to tame your mane and still feel stylish with all the sweat, sun, wind, and water that typically comes with the season. Luckily, we’ve got tips from our pros to help you style your summer hair so that you don’t have to sweat it!



Before narrowing down your summer hair style, we need to tackle flyaways and frizz – two notorious hair struggles in the summer months. Thankfully, there’s ways to avoid frizz taking over your look. From incorporating more moisturizing products like All Soft to your haircare regimen to blow drying your strands downwards, there are a lot of ways to minimize frizz. We spoke to our Redken Artists and Ambassadors for their favorite frizzy hair fix

When it comes to frizzy hair, there are two phases, according to Redken ambassador and owner of Cutler Salon, Rodney Cutler. Summer frizz — “when the cuticle swells and gets sort of bloated and a little fuzzy” and winter frizz — when your strands have “that dry, fluffy texture.”

While winter's main concern is flyaways, summer requires extra control. So, in addition to a product like Frizz Dismiss, Rodney says that for proper styling is key. For example, when styling curls, “instead of diffusing it, you wrap hair around your finger to create more of a coil and a finish.”

Redken artist Karla Valenzuela recommends Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate Oil-In-Serum. “I love Instant Deflate to control frizz and beat the humidity. It’s the bomb because it works so well to tame down that annoying halo of frizz you see around the hair. It’s great applied on damp or dry.”

Redken artist Denise Welsh also uses the Frizz Dismiss line, namely Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame and Anti-Static Oil. Her secret for frizz free hair is all in the application. To keep frizz under control, Denise recommends applying Rebel Tame before you dry your hair, then applying Anti-Static Oil Mist after styling.

Summer Hairstyle Inspiration

With your hair under control, it’s time to have some fun! From bouncy blowouts to blunt bobs and spiky pixies, here are some fresh ways to style your hair this summer with tips from the pros who styled them!

Double Braided Space Buns

Another favorite of Denise's is a twist on the trendy space buns. This is a great alternative to the traditional half up half down look, keeping hair off your face while still allowing hair to fall around it. Plus, the braids will keep everything extra secure through whatever humidity comes your way.

Pro Tip: Denise used Big Blowout to blow dry her out, then used Iron Shape 11 to prep her hair before waving it with Sam Villas double waver. After creating these waves, she braided the into space buns, applying Wax Blast to texturize the beach waves and control flyaways.

Pixie Cuts & Lobs

If there was one hairstyle that thrives in summer, it’s the pixie. More specifically, a “textured, sort of bi-level pixie where the top is a bit longer but you still have the short, choppy edgy look,” says Rodney. For the perfect pixie, he styles with One United Leave-In Conditioner because it's “so lightweight” and pairs well with Rough Paste 12 for texture.

Other short styles like the shag, mullet or wolf cut are also dominating the summer. Not only are these cuts warm weather friendly, the right cut can help minimize and hide frizz!

Pigtail Braids

The versatility of keeping your hair down but still secure and off your shoulders is an excellent way to keep you cool and still look put together this summer. Simply part your hair in the middle, section into halves, and braid both sides. For extra fun, consider a fishtail!

Pro Tip: Denise recommends prepping the hair with Oil for All for a frizz free braid and finishing with Wax Blast 10 to set any loose hairs in place.

Fluffy High Puff

The high puff is an amazing summer look for those with coils and shorter hair. This fluffy style allows you to keep hair off your face during warm months while still also offering more definition and volume than a tight top knot.

Half Up Half Down Messy Bun

This is a summer go-to for Denise, owner and stylist at Studio H Salon. Since she prefers wearing her hair down most of the time, her “favorite quick go to is a half up half down messy bun." She explains, "it still allows me to have my hair down and feel a little more done up but still have my hair up and out of my face. Especially when it’s hot!”

Pro Tip: To create this look, Denise used Full Frame Volumizing Mousse for extra hold and volume while using Quick Blowout for heat protection before blow drying. After creating waves with Sam Villas Double Waver, she applied Oil for All to add shine and tame flyaways while breaking apart the waves. After pulling up the messy bun, finish the look off with a bandana for extra flair.

Messy Topknots

A messy bun is a fan-favorite year-round for the undone-but-still-chic-look. You can go as high or low as you’d like, and add volume and texture to the bun by pulling out some face framing pieces.

Half Up Half Down Head Scarf

According to Karla, “the head scarf is really trendy right now for the spring and summer.” We love the fun of endless color and print options. Not only does it add an accessory to your look, but it can also help to cover up greys, minimize sweat, and help to mask oils in between shampoos.

Butterfly Clips

Everything 90s is cool again, so break out those butterfly clips! These little accessories are perfect for clipping back sections of your crown and creating a halo-like look. You can also mix and match the colors or coordinate with your outfit. So fun.

Classic Beach Waves

Beach waves are always in, but especially in summer. All you need is a great texturizing or beach wave spray, and you can either scrunch your hair and let it air dry, or opt to dry it with a diffuser attachment.

High Ponytail

A ponytail, but make it chic. Gather all your hair and tie it up in a ponytail at the top of your crown. You can add gel or shine spray for an extra-sleek look, or go au natural — the choice is yours.

Experiment With Braids

The perfect way to elevate this stunning beachy finish is by adding some braids. From mini face-framing braids to a half up French braid, this small addition adds that extra "oomph" and results in a romantic, ethereal style. As Denise puts it, braids are a perfect way "to get the hair off your face and neck but still feel cute and put together." Ideal for sweaty summer days!

For more hairstyling inspiration, tips & tricks for your wedding hairstyle, follow @Redken on Instagram and access the latest hairstyle trends in our lookbook! If you try out any of these styles, be sure to tag us in your photos!


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