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When it comes to haircare, there are many natural ingredients and oils that can provide amazing caring benefits to your strands. One of the most powerful is Argan Oil. Read on to learn how Argan Oil can help boost the beauty and health of your hair.

What Is A Hair Mask?

What Is A Hair Mask?

Scrolling through Instagram without seeing a face sheet mask is an impossible feat these days. So it’s no surprise there’s been an influx of other masks, too: for your lips, your hands, your feet and, of course, your hair. But hair masks are no new thing, and they’re essential for keeping your hair healthy looking.

“A lot of times we use the word mask, but a mask is really a treatment that is meant to provide caring benefits to hair at a deeper level,” says Redken Artist Julie Lahr. “A daily conditioner, meanwhile, is mainly for cosmetic effect.”

What Are The Benefits Of Argan Oil For Hair?

What Are The Benefits Of Argan Oil For Hair?

“Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree, native to Morocco. Argan oil can be utilized in various ways, including culinary and cosmetic purposes,” says Redken Artist Jaclyn Harwood. “Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Hair Mask is formulated with Argan Oil as a key ingredient and works wonders for anyone with dry and brittle hair. The moisturizing conditioner helps restore hair’s softness. The results are increased manageability, movement, and shine.”

But why do formulas infused with argan oil produce these effects? It has to do with the molecules in the oil, says Redken Artist Adina Doss. According to Doss, argan oil is a silicone-based oil, meaning its molecular size allows the oil to be added to formulas that treat the hair, softening and moisturizing it, without adding a greasy texture to the hair.

“So even though the formula is infused with an oil,” Doss says. “It doesn’t leave an oily effect.”

How Do I Use Argan Oil On My Hair?

How Do I Use Argan Oil On My Hair?

One of the best ways to use Argan Oil in hair is by integrating a nourishing argan oil hair mask or conditioning treatment into your haircare routine. Redken's argan oil-inflused All Soft Heavy Cream, a super treatment mask, increases manageability and suppleneses to strengthen your hair from end to end and leave your hair looking healthy and shiny. In Fact, Redken's entire All Soft line — which includes shampoos, conditioners, and other treatments — is made with argan oil.

The All Soft Heavy Cream is something you can utilize as a treatment in place of your regular conditioner, Doss says, in order to treat or manage dry, brittle hair. It’s also a great way to add moisture to the hair even if you don’t have dry, brittle hair but you want to up the ante on your hair’s moisture and shine.

“Even if the hair isn’t dry, if it lacks elasticity, (when there’s not a lot of stretch to the hair or movement to the hair), All Soft can come to the rescue,” says Lahr.

All Soft Heavy Cream is different than a conditioner, though. A conditioner gives your hair slip and helps detangle it, while a treatment — or mask — may have higher levels of conditioning ingredients. This helps the product condition deeply to help combat hair dryness and provide amped up benefits.

To use it for your needs, apply to towel dried, shampooed and conditioned hair (or use in place of a conditioner) and leave in for 5 to 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.


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