The Short Hair Style Tips You Need To Know

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The Best Styling Tips for Short Hair

Short Hair StylingTips

Why should those with long hair get to have all the styling fun? Even if your hair doesn’t go past your shoulders, there are plenty of versatile and cute hair styles for short hair. Don’t believe us? Check out these expert-recommended styling suggestions and looks below.

Short Hair Style Tips for Curly Hair

Short Curly

The biggest pitfall for short curls is ending up with an unwanted triangular shape where it looks flat on top and poofy on the sides, says Redken Artist Lindsey Olson. Avoid this first by choosing a smart cut: “A graduated bob works really well on short curly hair because it creates a nice shape with volume and movement to the curls, without ever looking triangular or round,” Olson explains.

Step two: Product use and styling technique is even more important than it would be for long, curly hair. Don’t be shy about using products; they’re not going to do their job if you don’t use enough, notes Olson. And when blow-drying be sure to use the diffuser attachment and keep the air flow on low and the heat on medium in order to avoid frizz, she adds. Start by blow-drying your hair at the back, where it’s most dense, and gradually working your way forward. As you do so, use small pin curl clips to clip up the front curls around your hairline—setting them like this both ensures they won’t frizz and gives them a little lift so they won’t fall flat and end up creating that dreaded triangle shape, Olson notes.

Short Hair Style Tips For Bangs

Short Bangs

Bangs are extremely trendy right now and there’s no shortage of different options too choose, from wispy fringe to thick curtain bangs. “They can also give you a completely different look, which is a nice option if you already have a short hair style but want to change it up a bit,” Olson points out. Talk to your hairstylist about what type of bang best suits your face shape and cut, though there is one universal styling tip to keep in mind. “Adding lots of volume to any bang is surefire way to make it look outdated and very ‘80s,” says Olson. “The shorter the bang, the less volume you want.” Dry them using a paddle brush rather than a round brush, and make sure to always dry them before the rest of your hair, to avoid ending up with frizzies all over your forehead.

Short Hair Style Tips For Layered Hair

Short Layered

Olson suggests opting for a layered bob or pixie, both short hair styles that will highlight the layers. When styling, the goal should be to create movement within the layers, rather than the extra volume you want when you’re talking about layers on long hair, she adds. To achieve this, use a paddle brush, brushing hair from side to side as you blow dry. “This keeps the pieces soft and creates a gorgeous flow on short layered styles,” explains Olson.

Short Hair Style Tips For Fine Hair

short fine hair

It may seem counterintuitive, but the shorter you go with your cut, the fuller it will look, which is nice particularly when you have super fine or limp hair. Olson’s advice? Keep it all one length, hitting at either the hairline at the nape of your neck or your chin to create the appearance of volume and density. Also important: Don’t be afraid of product. “People with fine hair tend to be afraid of product and that it’s going to weigh the hair down, but it’s actually the opposite,” explains Olson. “Your hair lacks protein, so it needs something stronger to add bulk and hold a style.” Consider working product in both on wet hair before blow-drying, and on dry hair too, when it will be even more effective since there’s no water to dilute it, she adds.