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Meet Currie Hair Skin Nails, an elite Redken Salon with 5 locations in Pennsylvania and Delaware. We think you’ll love them and their haircolor tips too!

Eight of Currie's top stylists are here to provide you with insider haircolor tips that will help you decide what haircolor or technique is best for your skin tone, hair type or lifestyle!

1. Can I go red?

Answer by Stephanie Creedon Shellenberger, Glen Mills Location

Do you have warm or neutral skin tones? It’s time to consider going red! Red is a high impact haircolor that instantly grabs attention. This wild cherry haircolor goes great on anyone with warm or neutral skin tones, especially those with blue, green, hazel or warm brown eyes.

Want to go red but have cool or darker skin? Select cooler red tones like a red velvet haircolor. If you are fair or have a warm skin tone, you will want to select a warm red color like ginger, auburn or copper.

Haircare Tip: When going red, don't forget that red haircolor is the fastest to fade. You’ll want to avoid over shampooing, and protect your color with sulfate free shampoo when it is wash day. Plus, be sure to see your stylist regularly for a refresh to keep your hair its best red.

2. Does technique matter when choosing my haircolor?

Answer by Cara Brady, Wayne Location

The best approach to achieving haircolor that looks best is to be aware of the technique that will lead to a natural looking result.

Your stylist should work to highlight your facial features, natural hair fall and eye color when it comes to deciding what technique to use and where to lighten hair.

People of all skin tones benefit from the natural tones achieved through Balayage; the placement is key to enhancing natural beauty! Balayage is a natural “swept on” form of hair painting that enhances features by using open air processing, allowing for several levels of lift.

3. What techniques will complement my olive skin?

Answer by Carla Massimo, Glen Mills Location

When you have olive skin tones, the key is to keep your roots dark and add brightness throughout to highlight your skin’s natural tone and your darker eye color. Try a Balayage with a root melt.

This look was created to reduce any orange tones and keep the blonde cool for just the right amount of lightness. To keep her base a natural complementary tone: a root melt was key!

All of these techniques allow for a look that is easy to maintain and work with her skin tone as it darkens with sun exposure in the summer months, which we know for olive-toned skin types occurs quickly and easily!

4. Will Babylights work for my olive skin?

Answer by Debbie Dunn, Kennett Location

Richness with a touch of shine is the perfect equation for this skin tone! If you have olive-toned skin, but are still looking for some brightness, the answer is indeed Babylights!

To achieve this look, cool glazed Babylights were placed in foils framing this bronzed, hazel-eyed, beauty's face.

The root area was transformed to a rich chocolate matte finish. This root color provided a perfect base for the pearly Babylights. Balayaged pieces with honey tones completed this look by gradually fading color into her ends. The cool tones complement the warmth in her bronzed skin creating a beautiful contrast between her olive-toned skin and hazel eyes.

5. Which blonde do I choose?

Answer by Michele Pritchard, Glen Mills Location

Cool blonde shades are great on porcelain-skinned gals with reddish undertones, since those icy hues tend to neutralize redness. If you have blue or gray eyes: cool, ashy blonde works perfectly! Suggested blonde tones include: Platinum ice, silver, ash, sand, beige or champagne.

Pro Tip: To achieve this guest’s glam summer look, double process hair at the roots then use the Balayage technique to brighten and blend mid lengths and ends. Glaze her after shampooing using 09P, 09T to cool and even out tones!

6. How blonde can I go?

Answer by Danielle Ryan, West Chester Location

Polarizing blonde is best suited for pale, ivory skin with pink undertones. Bright blondes are attention-grabbing and portray confidence, must be why “they have more fun!”

Pro Tip: To achieve this icy blonde tone, I lifted my guest with Redken Flash Lift. To keep and protect the integrity of the hair, I then added Redken’s pH-Bonder; ideal for ladies choosing to go blonder! To cancel all yellow tones, I used Opal Glow 9P. With this combination, my guest left with eye-catching and healthy hair that perfectly complements her ivory skin tone.

7. Can my haircolor help my thin hair look thicker?

Answer by Trinh Pham, Glen Mills Location

Yes! If you struggle with thin hair, darker tones are the answer for the illusion of fullness and volume! Plus, dark haircolor brings back and adds shine to the hair for those who are naturally lacking it, and instantly makes the hair looks healthier.

Dark shades, such as this soft black, complement a person with darker features by brightening their eye color and all over complexion.Going solid dark is universal and great for thise who like to keep their look low maintenance, while still looking chic and sophisticated!

8. What the best beach-approved Balayage?

Answer by Deb Todd, Riverfront Location

For those who spend their days in the sun and tan easily, this look is perfection!

To achieve this look, Balayage was essential! Why? Because it simulates the “sun-kissed” look. Balayage is all about creating a highlight that looks seamlessly natural!

Perfect for lovers of summers at the beach and a low maintenance, natural look! As her skin tone darkens with a tan, this cool natural look will continue to complement her, even when the sun brightens it up!

Pro Tip: Shades EQ and Blonde Icing were essential in achieving this look!

About Currie Hair Skin Nails

Currie Hair Skin Nails has a simple philosophy; we deliver an exceptional experience to our guests through education, outstanding amenities, and a desire to be the best. "We are a salon and spa of distinctive design, staffed by professionals with an unwavering commitment to service and detail." With over 38 years in business, the name Currie has been synonymous with professionalism, creativity, and leadership in the salon industry. The key to our success is in the associates that make our Currie team working at our five locations in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

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