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Cover Your Grays With Redken Color Gels Oils

If you're looking to cover your grays or refresh your hair color with a professional touch, Redken’s new Color Gels Oils permanent hair color is the best choice. This innovative hair color delivers beautiful, deep, and long-lasting color to all hair types while adding ultimate shine and condition to strands. Formulated with smoothing apricot oil, Color Gels Oils is especially beneficial for stiff and dull gray hairs. Not only will you achieve gray coverage with beautiful color, Color Gels Oils leaves hair looking and feeling better than ever. Don’t just cover your grays, rejuvenate them!
14 Aug 2023

Here’s everything you need to know about Redken’s new Color Gels Oils, including why it’s the perfect choice for your next salon appointment:

What is the Redken Color Gels Oils?

Redken’s new Color Gels Oils is a professional permanent hair color product that's designed to provide beautiful, classic, and long-lasting color to your hair. This innovative formula is infused with nourishing apricot oil that help to protect your hair and prevent dryness and damage during the coloring process. This rejuvenating formula is what makes Color Gels Oils the best choice for dry, coarse gray hair.

One of the unique features of Color Gels Oils is its gel consistency, which helps to ensure even and precise application of the color. And the 29 shades are intermixable which means your stylist can easily create a customized color look for you that perfectly matches your skin tone and style.

Why Choose Redken’s New Color Gels Oils?

There are several reasons why the new Color Gels Oils might be the perfect choice for your next salon hair color appointment:

1. Deep, Long-Lasting Color: Redken New Color Gels Oils is designed to deliver deep, long-lasting color that stays true to its shade until your next color appointment.
2. Rejuvenating Formula: Redken Color Gels Oils has an advanced formula which includes 2% apricot oil that not only completely covers grays, but also adds back shine, condition, and smoothness to each strand making it the perfect choice for clients with wiry, stubborn, coarse grays.
3. No Drip Consistency: The gel consistency of Color Gels Oils ensures that Color adheres to the hair without dripping for an elevated experience in the chair whether your stylist choose application with a bowl and brush or with a bottle.
4. Wide Range of Shades: Color Gels Oils comes in a wide range of shades, from natural-looking hues to bold, statement-making colors, making it easy to find your perfect shade.

Ready For Your Hair Transformation?

Since Redken’s Color Gels Oils should be used by a licensed stylist in a salon setting, head to your local Redken Salon to achieve your new dream color. During your appointment, your stylist will consult with you to determine the perfect shade for your hair and goals, delivering the professional results you deserve.

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