Model Off Duty: 7 Easy Ways To Add Texture To Your Hair


Today’s supermodels all seem to have the same signature look: Fierce walks down the runway and sexy, textured hair. While learning how to walk the walk may seem a little misplaced from your daily routine, adding texture and shine to your hair isn’t so hard. When it comes to giving your hair that runway-ready feel, it’s all about adding grit, dimension and radiant shine to your look. Whether you’re ready to tease your strands to the highest of heights or add a bit of volume to your curls, textured waves are a must for anyone who wants to liven up their day-to-day hairstyle. Want to get the perfect model-off-duty hairstyle? Here are seven ways to add texture to your hair and create beautiful supermodel waves. 

1. Turn Up The Shine For Supermodel Waves

When it comes to creating runway-ready waves, you'll need products that provide glass-like shine to the hair. In the video below, influencer Roxette Arisa shows how to create the perfect supermodel waves using  Redken Oil For All, Shine Flash Shine Spray, and  Triple Dry 15 dry texturizing spray for the ultimate textured wave result. Watch the video below to get inspired and learn how to re-create supermodel waves in a few easy steps at home!

2. Make The Most Of Your Blow-Dry

Great hair starts with an even better blow-dry. To make the most of your pre-styling routine, start by applying Guts10 to your roots before you dry your strands. This volume amplifying product helps to give your hair added lift, while bring your hair upward and outward for extra dimension.

3. Curl Differently

Off-the-runway curls are easier to achieve than you think. All you have to do is use your curling iron a little differently. To get the perfect beachy waves, use your curling iron to only curl the middle section of your hair, while leaving your roots and ends natural. This technique gives your hair a more undone texture without adding tons of curl. It’s an easy way to achieve mermaid hair without actually dipping your toes in the ocean.

4. Play With Sea Salt Spray

For those who want to activate their natural hair texture, try using a sea salt spray to bring out the most of what your hair has to offer. Start by spritzing a salt-infused spray from root to tip. From there, scrunch the product into your hair to help define the natural curl patterns of your hair.

5. Prep Your Strands

Think your hair is too slippery to style? Think again! For strands that are a bit too fine or fragile, consider adding additional hold to your style by using a hairspray. By using a product in your hair before you being to twist and twirl the strands into your preferred hairstyle, you can give your locks extra grip and manageability as you work. This also gives your hair added texture that allows your style to transcend its normal barriers.

6. Make The Most Of A Pomade

Believe it or not, surfer-girl hair doesn’t require heading to the beach. Instead, if you’re looking for a piece-y, salt-infused hairstyle, try reaching for a hair wax or pomade to create a more dimensional look. An easy way to do this is by rubbing a small dollop of  hair pomade in-between your fingers to warm up the product and then scrunching sections at your ends. This method helps to create random sections of texture allowing a more natural and authentic looking finish to your strands.

7. Add Texture Powder For Grip

Sometimes when you’re creating more intricate braids and updos, your hair could use a little help. In order to make your hair more manageable, and to give your look a bit of texture and grip, you need a mattifying texture powder to help up the ante of your style. Simply tap a small amount of the powder onto your hands or hair to help thicken and liven up the strands. From there, proceed to style your hair accordingly. P.S. Don’t forget to take a selfie.

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