Protect Your Hair Color From Heat With Extreme Play Safe

Play Safe Video

Be it balayage, highlights or a vibrant new fashion shade, when it comes to keeping your hair color bright and beautiful, it’s essential to have a strong color-protecting haircare regimen. And if you regularly heat style your hair (blow dry and flat iron addicts- we’re looking at you!), your hair can be particularly at risk of color fade and damage.

Thankfully, Redken has introduced Extreme Play Safe, a game-changing 3-in-1 heat protective leave in treatment that protects hair from heat up to 450 degrees while actively preventing against damage and color fade.

Not convinced of the drastic effects heat can have on your hair color? Click to watch the video below to see for yourself! In this video, one piece of hair has been treated with Extreme Play Safe while the other piece of hair has been left untreated without any heat protectant. The results will amaze you and you’ll see why you NEED this product in your color care routine.