The Top 10 Fantasy Haircolor Trends


It's a magical, dreamy and funky time in haircolor trends. Wearing not just one, but a whole rainbow of colors, isn’t so shocking anymore.

Looking for some outside-of-the-box haircolor ideas for your next hair service? Check out these top fantasy hair trends fun options.

1. Opal Hair

Just like the gemstone, opal hair subtly plays on many colors of the rainbow all at once. For this dreamy look, your colorist will first lighten your hair to a pearl shade (almost gray, but not quite), add toner and then follow it up with an application of pastel shades throughout the lengths of the hair. The result is iridescent hair with a soft metallic finish that’ll have you noticing a different color at every angle.

To get gorgeous opal hair or many of the fantasy haircolor trends to be discussed, a technique called fluid hair painting is used. It requires you to lean back on the edge of a table so your hair is fanned out. With your hair flat against the surface, your colorist will be able to control and clearly see how the color he/she applies will melt from top to bottom. The effect is more natural-looking haircolor.   

2. Oil Slick Hair

This trend proves you don’t have to go super light or be blonde to pull off a rainbow of colors. With oil slick hair, dark hair is the backdrop for iridescence. Here, cool shades of green, purple, yellow and blue hair dye are applied so they resemble the pretty swirl of rainbow colors seen atop an oil slick. If you have super dark hair, your colorist may apply lightener and toner on your hair before applying the hair dye.

3. Underlights

Consider this the sneaky way to pull off a wild hairstyle. Instead of showcasing your fantasy color in plain view, with underlights, the base color is hidden is hidden below the top layers of hair—and people who have been wearing this trend have opted for a full rainbow of colors, no less.

To get underlights, your stylist pins up the top layers of your hair (from around the tops of your ears and above) and only bleaches and colors the remaining layers of hair underneath. To flaunt underlights, you can put your hair in an updo or half-up style, but as soon as you undo your hair and wear it down, your underlights won’t be as noticeable anymore.

4. Mermaid Hair

No, we’re not talking about Princess Ariel. The mermaid hair trend that’s going strong is a blend of vibrant, cool-toned, sea-inspired colors like sea foam green, cerulean, turquoise and even magenta and orchid. Getting mermaid hair usually requires lifting hair until it’s light enough to display the brighter colors. Then hair dye gets added (hair painting is a great technique for this). The effect is something right out of a fairytale.

5. Sunset Hair

Another more specific variant of rainbow hair, sunset hair looks exactly like it sounds—a haircolor that blends the colors of the sunset, including bright red, orange and deep purple. It’s a vibrant, warm and definitely bold haircolor that may require bleaching and can also be achieved through hair painting.

6. Pastel Hair

Soft, candy-colored shades of pale pink, baby blue, mint green or lilac define this ultra feminine-looking haircolor. To get pastel hair, hair may need to be bleached until it’s light enough to show the various shades. Then a colorist paints the hair with pastel-colored hair dye.

7. Rose Gold Hair

This girly, romantic haircolor is a blend of gold and copper. To achieve rose gold hair, your colorist will lighten your hair via bleaching or painting until it reaches a golden shade. Afterward, a tinted gloss is applied to your hair to give it the rose gold or golden-copper shade.

8. Silver Hair

Thanks to the silver hair trend, it’s now cool to go gray—no matter what age you are. While it’s certainly on the subtle end of the fantasy haircolor spectrum, it’s still quite attention-grabbing. To rock this trend, your colorist may bleach your hair very light first, then add toner, and then apply hair dye to give hair a silver hue.

9. Dip Dye Hair

In this hair-coloring technique, the ends of your hair look like they’ve been dipped in a contrasting color. Currently, the trend is dip dyeing hair in bright colors like hot pink. Although both dip dye and ombre haircoloring feature a different shade at the roots and a different shade at the ends, the main difference is in the middle color. In ombre, the middle color is similar to the color of the roots and ends, while in dip dye, there is no middle color. As a result, dip dye hair makes the ultimate fantasy color statement.  

10. Rainbow Bangs

For those not ready to commit to coloring their entire head of hair, the rainbow bangs trend may be the way to go. Here, bangs are dyed a bright range of colors, bringing much attention to the center of the face . Global Redken artist Lori Zabel created rainbow bangs—featuring pink and rose gold hair—on British model Amber Le Bon.

Whichever fantasy haircolor you choose, don’t forget to employ a haircare routine to keep your haircolor looking fab as long as possible. The Redken Color Extend Magnetics line is all about protecting haircolor and promoting shine. Use the Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate Free Shampoo to keep your haircolor looking vibrant, since a sulfate free shampoo is gentler on color-treated hair.

Thinking of customizing your own fantasy hair? Redken City Beats can be used to create any of the looks mentioned or mixed to form your very own fantasy haircolor.