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Hair 101: How To Choose the Best Shampoo For Your Hair

April 11, 2017

    With so many different names, labels and claims, it can seem hard to find the best shampoo to fulfill your hair dreams. We’re here to demystify the shampoo aisle. Here at Redken, we recommend choosing a shampoo that helps care for your hair at its core.  You should also consider using a shampoo that helps build the foundation for your favorite styles and looks.Yes, hairstyling starts in the shower!  If you’re looking for beachy waves or major volume, you need to start with the right shampoo.

    If that sounds like shampoo overload to you, don’t worry! We recommend rotating the products in your haircare regimen to build the best routine for your hair’s care and styling needs. But let’s start with how to get there. Here’s a quick cheat sheet for finding the best shampoo for your hair!

    Step 1: The Care Your Hair Needs

    Best Shampoo For Dry Hair

    All Soft shampoo is the best shampoo for dry hair as it’s infused with argon oil for intense hydration.

    Is your hair feeling more like string and straw rather than soft and silky? It’s time to pump up the moisture. Reach for a shampoo infused with argan oil like Redken All Soft shampoo. Argan oil is a powerful ingredient that helps to replenish the lipids in your hair for intense, buttery softness.

    Best Shampoo For Color Treated Hair

    Redken Color Extend Magnetics for colored hair

    Whether your hair is beautifully balayaged or vivid pink, you don’t want your haircolor to wash down the drain.  Choosing the right shampoo can help your haircolor last longer. One of the best ways to do this is by switching to a sulfate-free shampoo like Redken Color Extend Magnetics. This shampoo is formulated with good-for-your-hair ingredients like amino-ions and amino acids to help lock in your color and leave it looking vibrant.

    Best (Purple) Shampoo For BlondeHair

    It's no secret that keeping your blonde hair its best shade isn't easy. Great blonde hair starts with the right purple shampoo, like Redken Color Extend Blondage. Blondage is formulated to help fight brass and keep your blonde brighter and healthier. The purple color helps to tone out the yellow so you can keep your shade longer.

    Best Shampoo For Damaged Hair

    Redken added its RCT complex to its Extreme, All Soft and Color Extend Magnetics haircare lines.

    Despite our best efforts, sometimes our hair can suffer from breakage, split ends and other forms of hair damage. Sound familiar? Supply your hair with the care it needs by switching to a shampoo that helps to strengthen and defend your hair against different forms of damage. In fact, Redken Extreme shampoo (when coupled with the conditioner and Anti-Snap leave-in treatment) helps to fight against five types of damage including chemical, thermal, mechanical, and surface damage as well as hair breakage. Talk about a shampoo power player!

    Step 2: The End Look You Crave

    After getting down your routine with the right care, you can start thinking about the end look you want. From the perfect beachy waves to frizz-free hair, you can prep your hair for almost any style – just by changing out your shampoo!

    Best Shampoo For Volume

    Major root lift and volume starts with Redken’s High Rise Volume shampoo and conditioner.

    It’s time to put down the teasing comb! If you’re looking to get incredible volume, use a shampoo that helps to lift your hair and add body, like Redken High Rise shampoo. Fortified with volume-boosting ingredients like filloxane and softening polymers, this dynamic shampoo helps to give you the va-va-voom look that fine hair needs.

    Best Shampoo For Beachy Waves

    Get the perfect foundation for wavy hair with Redken’s Beach Envy line.

    Beautiful beachy waves have been everywhere – not just the beach! To get this on-trend look, start by using a shampoo that helps to create texture in the shower. Choose Redken Beach Envy, which is infused with filloxane, minerals, and latex polymers to help boost volume and create added fullness to your hair. Basically, it’s like the beach in a bottle.

    Best Shampoo For Fresh, Bouncy Hair

    Redken’s new Clean Maniac shampoo is formulated with micellar technology to help lift impurities like a magnet.

    Who said purifying shampoos have to be harsh? If you want squeaky clean hair that still gives you bounce and shine, meet the newest shampoo from Redken, Clean Maniac. This gentle, micellar shampoo is formulated with your favorite skincare technology, micellar water. These helpful micelles work by drawing out impurities like a magnet to help leave your hair feeling fresh, clean and bouncy.

    Best Shampoo For Gorgeous Curls

    Keep your curls looking polished, smooth and perfected with Redken’s Curvaceous shampoos.

    PSA to all girls with curls: don’t give up on your shampoo! In fact, by using a shampoo formulated to enhance your gorgeous curls, you can actually get better curl definition and bouncier strands, all while washing your hair. While the thought of shampoo might be scary, Redken actually offers several  curl-enhancing, sulfate-free shampoos that can help you fight the fear. Want a deep clean that still offers hydration? Try High Foam Lightweight Cleanser. It helps to remove impurities (aka dirt and oil), while keeping your curls defined and bouncy. Looking for a creamier formula? The Low Foam Moisturizing Cleanser is medium cleansing, deeply moisturizing formula that helps to control frizz while adding manageability and shine. Its creamy formula is perfect for those want a little extra moisture in their shampoo. Basically, it helps keep your curls looking fierce. Lastly, for those who want absolutely no foam and intense moisture, turn to the No Foam Highly Conditioning Cleanser for deep hydration and incredible shine from root to tip.

    Best Shampoo For Smooth Hair

    Fight frizz and tame flyaways with Redken’s Frizz Dismiss haircare line

    Daydreaming of hair that is smooth, silky and frizz-free all day long? Drop your daydream and make it a reality. Frizz-fighting shampoos like Redken’s Frizz Dismiss can help deflate your hair and tame frizz no matter how humid it is outside. Look for ingredients like aquatoril and Brazilian pracaxi oil on your shampoo’s label as these help to repel humidity, while locking in moisture and making your hair more manageable, aka no more bad hair days.  

    Best Shampoo For Men

    A lineup of Redken Brews shampoos on an orange counter.

    Redken Brews, a new collection of men's haircare, styling, and grooming essentials, has a shampoo for every hair type. For those who like to keep the products in their shower to a minimum, there's a 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash. Daily Shampoo and Conditioner are great for everyday use, while the Extra Clean Shampoo is great for removing build up after heavy product use. Those with a sensitive scalp can try Mint Shampoo by Redken Brews, which delivers a cooling sensation. 

    Now that you have the right shampoo, make sure you know how often you should be washing your hair!

    Which shampoo are you most excited to try? Snap a picture of your shopping haul and tag @Redken on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our global page!



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